1. Intro to Game Design: students learn gameplay models, mechanics, and terminology
  2. Intro to Game Art: students create characters and backgrounds in Photoshop
  3. Intro to Programming: students learn fundamentals, visual/script code, and logic.


  1. Discussions and presentations with games and tech industry professionals
  2. Hands-on Activities:
    • i. Audio Engineering
    • ii. 2D Art and Animation
    • iii. Board Game Design
  3. Field Trip Fridays hosted at local games/tech company


  1. 4:1 Student to Counselor ratio
  2. Assistance with college and internship applications
  3. Continued post-camp mentorship, including help with school game based projects and guidance on contests. See National STEM Video Game Challenge.

Demo Day

  1. Annual Demo Day to be held on August 14th, 2016 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.
  2. Demo Day Highlights:
  3. All expenses paid trip to the Bay Area for top 5 teams from around the country
  4. Industry expert judges
  5. Grand Prize: Winning team launches Kickstarter campaign + publishes their game! See 2014 Winner The Hole Story.

Additional Info

  1. Camp Duration: 3 weeks (15 days, M-F only)
  2. Age Range: Our campers are typically between 11-14 years of age, though we've had younger and older!
  3. Hours: 10am-4pm. Early Drop Off (8:30am) and Late Pick Up (5:30pm) available upon request.
  4. Computer/Programming Literacy: Our curriculum is designed around team work, and we group students based on skill level. Beginners and advanced coders are both welcome!
  5. Class Size: We average 25-30 students per class.
  6. Structure: We are a day camp and do not provide any boarding (just yet!).